12 Pro Techniques to Optimize Your Facebook Ads Campaign

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Facebook’s business model offers the targeted advertising, the Holy Grail for many advertisers who quickly became disillusioned when they saw that it was not as easy to create profitable campaigns. That is why today we have brought you before 12 tricks to manage your Facebook Ads campaigns like a pro and finally find the way KING!

Target your campaigns

Targeting your campaigns has definitely become the ultimate weapon to improve the performance of your acquisition campaigns!

1. Media: Mobile or Not

The size of the screens and the size of the advertisements between the various supports make complex the creation of effective visuals. If you can, try different visual specific for mobile and other specific to the version desktop.
And depending on your targets, the mobile is not always essential, nor the most profitable!

2. Locations

There are two possible locations to display your ads: the timeline or the right column.
Create separate ad groups for each location for obvious reasons visuals (the size of each location is different), but also to facilitate the analysis of performance.
And sometimes the right column gives good results!
3. Target audiences
The goal of an advertisement is to reach out to your target audience. To you to play using the many targeting criteria offered by the platform:
Geographical area

Regarding the sights: see things broadly and ask yourself what interests your target beyond the products or services you sell. For example, if you sell luxury men’s watches, chances are your target may also like cigars, sports cars, golf or polo shirts.
You can also create custom audiences from a base of addresses email or traffic from your site or application, which is very convenient for retargeting or retain your customers.
A / B testing otherwise nothing!

4. The visuals

No one has infused science. So you have to try at least two versions of your video to find the most efficient version according to your goals.

To optimize your ads, remember that clickthrough rate (CTR) is not the only criterion!
And remember to regularly renew your visuals because their performance has a lifetime!

5. The hooks

The same applies to hooks. You need two minimum versions of hang you combine this with the visual with 2 of your campaign. Then, for you can also test the visual pairs/hangers.

6. The different types of auctions

Everyone used to work at CPC (cost-per-click) but following the CPM can also be practical depending on the objectives of your campaign.
Measuring to optimize

7. Use the conversion pixel

When doing a campaign for a website e-commerce, the goal is to sell. And to follow its sales, Facebook makes available a pixel conversion. It is, therefore, appropriate to incorporate on his page thanks, payment (after payment stage).
Integrating the conversion pixel has two main interests:
Conversion tracking from the tracking interface in the Facebook Ads platform
Retargeting capabilities through custom audiences.

8. Use the reports

There is a feature we are talking about quite a few on the Facebook Ads platform; these are the reports. They are easily accessible and provide valuable data to track and optimize your campaign.
Remember to display additional columns to discover a wealth of information that is not visible from campaign management.

9. The relevance score

The ad relevance score is one of the latest additions to the Facebook Ads platform. Indeed, for a few months now, Facebook indicates a relevance score for ads. To put it simply, relevance indicates a level of quality of ads about your audience.
Ultimately, this pertinence works like Google Adwords, namely, the higher your relevance, the higher your cost will be low. However, Facebook also says that if your index of relevance is low and your ads are broadcast correctly with a correct cost, it is better not to change anything (and keep a low-quality level).
Save Time
Facebook puts a few tools at the disposal of the advertisers to save time.

10. Use Power Editor

Facebook-ads-power-editorBasic, Facebook has no plans that we can modify its advertisements. So instead of adding functionality, it preferred to add a Power Editor.
Clearly, the tool is neither instinctive nor ergonomic! However, it allows you to edit a large number of ads easily. It takes violence to use the tool but after a few hours and a little sweat, everything clears up.
The tool is available here from Chrome.

11. Planning

As with all advertising platforms, consider setting up your campaign schedules to start exactly the time you want (end date).
Also remember to schedule broadcast schedules to optimize the visibility of your campaigns. Depending on your targets and the activity on your page, you can set the time ranges most suitable for your goal.

12. Be mobile (or not)

I remain skeptical about the interest of this application, but it should be noted that Facebook has created a mobile application dedicated to advertising management, available here for iOS. So you can easily manage your ads regardless of where you are!
Finally, the optimization of a Facebook advertising campaign has much in common with the optimization of an Adwords campaign. However, Facebook Ads offers much fewer features!

Coming soon: A case study on how we made over $500 with Fb ads on XXXL Bean Bag in just one week.

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