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Our Manifesto

"Internetization" (to coin a phrase) is one of the most major inflection points in the history of business. Like manufacturers who, at the turn of the century, failed to embrace automation -- companies today that don't migrate fully to embrace the Internet, and all it offers, will find themselves at a critical, and likely fatal, competitive disadvantage to those that do.

And, to many in business today, using the Internet is nearly synonymous to using social media and, in specific, its four largest services: Google, Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.

To illustrate how ubiquitous and important these social media services have become, you just need to compare it to the technology adoption cycle of other major media/business tools. For example, it took 37 years for radio to reach 50 million listeners, 34 years for the telephone to have 50 million customers and 13 years for television to reach 50 million viewers. By comparison today, Linkedin (the smallest of the four services) in just 8 years, has over 100 million users. Twitter, in less than 5 years, has over 200 million. Facebook, in less than 7 years, has over 750 million (roughly 1 out of every 12 people on the planet have a Facebook account.) And Google, founded in 1998, has more users than Facebook.

These are hugely important services for business, because today social media is impacting every single aspect of the enterprise -- From sales, marketing and PR to HR and investor relations, no corporate function remains untouched.

However, because these services are so new and are evolving so rapidly, most businesses don't fully know how to utilize them. And those that do are constantly

trying to stay ahead of the curve, which is not easy given all of the rapid changes as these services roll out new functionality at a remarkably staggering pace.

These services are far from "under the radar," mainstream media covers Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter extensively everyday. Typical coverage will be stories like:

  • Linkedin's current stock price and subsequent market capitalization
  • Facebook's privacy issues
  • Google's algorithym changes
  • Twitter's acquisitions or new policies

However therein lies the problem.

The kind of content published is primarily news about the specific service/company. While potentially valuable to an investor or tech geek, this "news" is inherently not useful to a business person looking to use these services for their restaurant, consulting firm, dental practice or other kind of business.

These business people need substantive, actionable, how-to, kind of information that teaches them precisely how to utilize these powerful services to enhance their businesses. The problem is that this kind of information is not easily available in one place....until now.

Each of our social media magazines will solve this problem by finding the best content available, wherever it currently resides (and in whatever format - written, audio/video), and make it easily accessible -- and USABLE for business people everywhere.


Twitter and Business Magazine
Facebook and Business Magazine
Google and Business Magazine
LinkedIn and Business Magazine

There are three factors that distinguish our editorial from the plethora of social media content that is spawned daily in the media.

#1: It's Exclusively For Business People
In the early days, social media was dominated by tech geeks, music hipsters and teenage girls gossiping about their latest crush. They would all hate our magazines. We don't talk about the IP protocols that make social media work. We don't share any tips on cool new bands. And we wouldn't recognize Justin Bieber if we stumbled across him at a Jonas Brothers concert.

We are all about business. Specifically, how business people can use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin & Google to help their businesses succeed.

#2: It Has Nothing To Do With The News
Today, the vast majority of information written on social media is utterly useless to a business person.

Dozens upon dozens of stories are published daily on topics like:

  • Facebook's privacy issues
  • Linkedin's stock price/market cap
  • Twitter personnel changes
  • Google's next acquisition or search algorithm modification

Interesting for an analyst or investor. A waste of time for a business person.

Our editorial is not about news. It's about "HOW-TO." Specifically how business people can use Google, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to make their businesses better, stronger and faster. (Maybe even thinner and more attractive.)

#3: Not Written By Professional Journalists
Most magazines are written by professional journalists, who've never worked a single day inside the industry they are covering. Sure, they are smart people, but it is impossible for an industry ingenue journalist to create content that will be valuable to anyone but the greenest of the green.

This is why many trade mags are referred to as trade "rags." They don't add a lick of value to an industry veteran.

Here's our approach:

1) We start by heading our magazines with editors who are world class experts:

  • Jeffrey Hayzlett (Tweeting & Business): Former CMO of Kodak, largely credited for their turnaround. One of the top 10 C-Level tweeters in the world.
  • Nathan Kievman (LI & Business): Recognized as one of the world's leading experts on Linkedin.

2) We get our experts to tap their vast network of thought leaders to get the best and brightest minds on social media creating content for us

3) Our editorial staff scours the Internet daily to find great content. We don't suffer from "not created here" syndrome. Our only litmus test is: Is it great content? If it is, we'll make it available to our millions of readers.

Today this approach may be cutting-edge. In the future we believe it will be obvious that this is how all magazines should be done.

We're getting new commitments every day, however below is a partial list of people who have agreed to become editorial contributors:
  • Jeffrey Hayzlett - Former CMO, Kodak, Author, The Mirror Test
  • Nathan Kievman - Author, LinkedInto Marketing
  • Fran Tarkenton - NFL & Business Legend
  • Harvey Mackay - Author of many books including "Swim With the Sharks"
  • Scott Monty - Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager at Ford Motor Company
  • Daymond John, Founder FUBU & Star of ABC's "Shark Tank"
  • John Assaraf - Star of the Movie, The Secret
  • Noah St. John - Author, The Secret Code of Success
  • Shira Lazar - CBS Correspondent
  • Jay Conrad Levinson - Author, Guerrilla Marketing
  • Alison Bolen - Editor, blogs and social content at SAS Institute
  • Dr. Marshall Goldsmith - Forbes Named one of World's Top 15 Most Influential Business Thinkers
  • Eric Yaverbaum - Author, PR for Dummies
  • Brian Tracy - World Famous Business Speaker & Author
  • Charles Miller - Director – Digital Care/Social Media Strategy at DIRECTV
  • MaryEllen Tribby - Founder, Early to Rise &
  • Charlie Schick - Children's Hospital Boston
  • Robert Scoble - Gained Fame as Microsoft's Geek Blogger
  • Kenneth Hittel - Vice President, Corporate Internet Dept. at New York Life Insurance Co.
  • Michael Procopio - Social Media Strategist at HP Software
  • Mitch Axelrod - Author, The New Game of Business
  • Rick Mans - Social Media Strategist, Capgemini
  • Yanik Silver - The Godfather of Internet Marketing
  • Michael Lazerow - CEO, Buddy Media
  • Dan Ariely - Duke Univ. Behavioral Economist - Author, Predictably Irrational
  • Mike Koenigs - CEO & Founder, Traffic Geyser
  • Dan Millman - Author, Way of the Peaceful Warrior
  • Liz Strauss - Founder, SOBCON
  • Erik Qualman - Author, Socialnomics
  • Len Devanna, Director, Social Engagement, EMC Corporation
  • Toby Bloomberg - The Marketing Diva
  • Dave Taylor - Tech Guru, Ask Dave Taylor
  • Paul Cheney - Author, The Digital Handshake
  • Vanessa DiMauro - CEO, Leader Networks
  • Christine Comaford - Business Strategy Specialist
  • Sudha Jamthe, Social Commerce, eBay
  • Gary Goldstein, Producer, Pretty Woman

2012 Rate Card

Twitter and Business Magazine
Facebook and Business Magazine
Google and Business Magazine
LinkedIn and Business Magazine

2012 Magazine Display Advertising Rates
(per publication)

Rate Base: 13,800,000 (per publication/per issue)

Unit   4 Color
Page   $10,000.
1/2   $6,000.
1/4   $3,000.

2012 Contracted Frequency Discounts*:

  • 6-11 Combined Insertions: 20% Discount + Rate Protection
  • 12-18 Combined Insertions: 30% Discount + Rate Protection
  • 19-24 Combined Insertions: 40% Discount + Rate Protection
  • 25+ Combined Insertions: 50% Discount + Rate Protection

Terms. All rates are net. Payment is due 30 days PRIOR to ads running.

Pre-Payment Discount. All advertisements paid in full at any time of contracting exceeding 30 days prior to ad run date will receive a 20% pre-payment discount.

Website Advertising

Ad on Every Website Page: $5,000 per month (per publication website)
Ad Size: 125x125

Multi-Site Discounts

  • 2 Magazine Sites: 10% Discount
  • 3 Magazine Sites: 20% Discount
  • 4 Magazine Sites: 30% Discount
*Note: Website space is limited.

Social Media Promotional Messages

We'll promote you from our magazine's Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin accounts. Build your own independent following and fan base.

  • Promotional Tweet: $1,500 ea.
  • Facebook Message: $2,900 ea.
  • Linkedin Group Message: $1,500 ea.

Custom Multimedia Issue

Provide your customers with customized issues of the magazine of your choice, with your advertising and branding on EVERY page.

$5,000 per issue - View Sample

Magazine Ad Specs

Unit Bleed Trim (Live Area) Safe Zone
2-page spread
17" x 11"
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6.75" x 9.25"
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8.25" x 3.6"
6.75" x 2.1"
Third page vertical
3.25" x 11"
2.75" x 10.75"
1.25 x 9.25"
Quarter page
4.625" x 5.625"
4.125" x 5.375"
2.625" x 3.875"
Document Setup:
Page size: equal to the Trim size
Bleed size for all ad positions: Top: 0.125" Bottom: 0.125" Inside: 0.25 Outside: 0.25"
File Format: PDF
Font Size: For readability in digital editions, font size should be no smaller than 15 pt.

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Your advertisements in our digital additions can contain links to any web page you desire. Our design team handles this function under your guidance. Here's the process:
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  • Any image, text or even your entire ad can be turned into a link.
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Inserting Video Into Your Ad:
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