9 Instagram Marketing Strategies for 2017 and beyond

Instagram is a magnetic media to explore and expand the brand awareness in this social media network, growing aggressively and that the community is literally glued to the picture wire. To succeed on Instagram, you will need either a strong brand (or an influential personality) and a real strategy to provide visual content that your customers expect. Do you know how to use Instagram effectively? This post is dedicated to unveiling my best Instagram Marketing Strategies in 2017. Instagram is a social network “fun” based on the photo. It is also a powerful tool for your products and services, which can generate a huge number of conversions!

But still, Instagram makes you low because you lack impact with your photos… Wondering how to get more followers and become an “Instagramer” influencer? Here are nine tips to help you gain visibility on Instagram.


#1 Add a link to your profile Instagram

The only place where you can put a link on Instagram is just below the profile description. This link must be optimized! For this, we can define several strategies. Would you like to direct visitors to a page specific product then switch to another page? You can do this by simply changing the link every X days or weeks, feel free to create a publication schedule.

Have a contest? Share the contest link on your Instagram profile. When it’s finished, replace it with another link.

Tip: Use a tracer for each link that you share in your profile (bit.ly, goo.gl, etc.) You will be able to track how many visitors arrive from Instagram, and you can accurately assess whether your strategy is working.


When you take a picture from the intention of the posting on Instagram, make sure you have a proper light exposure. Then, ask yourself, is it perfect? If the answer is no, do not post it and go for another shot.

Try to be as still as possible: a blurry photo or misplaced will not trigger the exaltation of your followers.


When one starts on Instagram, we first have fun with filters. It’s very nice to change the atmosphere of the original photo, but suddenly you realize that it gives him an artificial outlook. The best filter is to actually not to use any! Besides, the #nofilter tag is very appreciated.

#4. Make photo montages

The text associated with the image is a powerful communication tool. By registering a core message of the image, increase the attractiveness of visual and easier to understand. That we share a board, a promotion or a simple image, it is a way to ensure that the message will not be ignored.

To make photo montages with a professional and convincing message, use a tool like Photoshop or Powerpoint. One can also use online tools such as Canva or PicMonkey. Or an application like hyperlapse Instagram, which creates mini ultra accelerated video.


Exactly, use tags for your photos! You thus will facilitate the Instagramers research work to find your image.Hashtags help improve the post in search results.

The number of hashtags depends on the nature of sharing: they should always be relevant and justified. 5-10 hashtags without it can thus be used to undermine the understanding of the message, if relevant, contextualized and well organized (e.g., in a list at the end of message). But do not overdo it anyway because it could “drown” the description of your image. A little trick is to add important hashtags in the description and the secondary in a comment under your publication.

As you may often use the same hashtags, write them in a file on your computer to copy and paste necessary. Know that you can use up to 30 tags per photo. You can also help by using tools like Tags For Likes, which lists the most popular hashtags.

Remember also to define THE hashtag representing your brand. If someone is interested in your products or services, it just needs to do is type the hashtag in the search field to discover directly all that is related to your brand. It is also a way for you to find what is being said about your brand, for good… or evil. And correct them if necessary.


Before posting on Instagram, you can enhance your images using certain applications: Instasize to post photos that are not square without cutting, PhotoGrid to make nice collages or Phonto to add text with a friendly font.


Just clicked a picture and want to share with your followers? Do not. Know when most of your followers are online and post at the exact time. You don’t want your photos to be buried under hundreds of other photos that appear in the feeds of your followers. Pictures will have greater impact if they are published exactly at the right moment.


To find out if you are on the path to success, use Instagram statistics. They allow you to observe the number of your followers and to understand how and why it increases. You can also see which photos are the most popular and most commented.

The aim is obviously to understand what works, what does not and to draw lessons about the way you communicate on Instagram.


One of the great features of Instagram is that it enables it’s users to publish content on other social media-Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Twitter, Tumblr.
To link all of your accounts at your Instagram profile, go to Preferences > Sharing Settings.

Besides these, you can have good Instagram bio quotes, good Instagram captions which describe you or your business in a tagline.

There are many other tips on how to gain visibility on Instagram, but starting with a good foundation, it is essential to have a real social media strategy. Do you think I missed something? Write your thoughts in the comments below!


A well-defined communication strategy will help you enjoy the social network Instagram, which proves to be a powerful tool to create traffic to your website and increase your sales.

Best Folding Knives increased their Instagram followers by 600% using the techiniques mentioned in this post.

And how do you use Instagram as part of your business? What tools do you use for your images to create attractive visuals?

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  1. Thanks for this. Very informative. Looking forward for 2017 what do you imagine to be the biggest change in the social media landscape? For me I’ll be focusing on gaining traffic from Twitter. Any tips?

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